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For over 25 years, Miami car accident lawyer Joseph Lipsky has unfortunately helped too many families who have needlessly lost loved ones in a deadly car accident. While it is true that car accidents in Florida result in an unacceptable number of deaths; according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in the continuation of a national trend, motor vehicle fatalities in 2011, dropped to their lowest number in the past 60 years. Across the United States more than 30,000 motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians died in 2011, which was almost a 2 percent decline from the prior year, and almost a twenty-five percent drop over the past six years; this drop correlates with the decrease in the number of miles driven, which may be attributed to poor economic conditions.

The findings, good and bad, include:

  • A 4.6% decrease for those riding in cars, light trucks and SUVs
  • A 8.7% increase in bicyclist deaths
  • A 3% increase in pedestrians’ deaths
  • A 2% increase in motorcycle rider fatalities
  • A 2.5% decrease in drunk driving deaths

The Department of Transportation feels the decrease may be attributed to more aggressive police enforcement, increased driving education efforts and advanced safety engineering in cars and trucks. But the DOT feels that increased efforts at enforcing seat belt use and limiting distracted driving will continue to reduce such traffic fatalities. Unfortunately, anyone who drives on Florida’s roads knows that distracted driving, mainly cellphone use to text or read email, is only increasing, despite the DOT ongoing efforts.

Although recent statistics indicate that this welcome decline may be coming to an end. The most recent statistics indicate that car and truck deaths and serious injuries are beginning to increase. Experts seem to believe that the number of traffic deaths is actually going to increase as the economy continues to improve. Better economic conditions usually result in an increase in miles driven; and the more drivers on the road usually leads to a rise in deadly car accidents.

Having helped the surviving families of innocent victims of car and truck accidents, we understand what is needed to help husbands, wives, parents and children deal with their losses, hold the responsible people or businesses which negligently cause these deadly accidents accountable and get the survivors the just financial compensation they deserve.

Survivors of Florida car accidents which cause a wrongful death are limited to the provisions of the Florida Wrongful Death Statutes, as codified in Florida statute 768.21. Florida law allows survivors depending upon their age to recover for the loss of support and services of their loved one. A surviving spouse may also seek compensation for the loss of their loved one’s companionship, and for the mental pain and suffering they endure from their loss.

A minor child, or an adult child if there is no surviving spouse, is entitled to compensation for loss of parental companionship, instruction, guidance and for their mental pain and suffering.

As we help all survivors of Florida wrongful death car accidents on a contingent fee basis, no survivor will have to pay us anything out of pocket for our office to commence an investigation into the facts of the deadly crash that changed their life.

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