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Drunk or impaired driving remains an epidemic in Florida, and across the United States, with over 200,000 car accidents each year having a drunk or impaired driver. As governments look for ways to reduce what are often life altering accidents caused by a drunk driver, the NTSB recommends that laws are passed which require everyone convicted of drunk driving to have ignition locks placed in their vehicles to stop repeat drunk or impaired driving offenses. Ignition locks are usually mounted to a car's ignition and require the driver to essentially perform a breath test to determine if they have alcohol on their breath, and by extrapolation in their blood stream. Ignition locks do not permit the car to start if it detects that the driver is impaired.

The National Traffic Safety Board arrived at their suggestion after analyzing 1500 wrong-way car accidents and truck accidents, such as those involving cars getting on roadways on exit ramps or drifting into oncoming traffic. The NTSB’s study reviewed more than 2100 deaths which took place during a 5-year period, in which police investigation determined alcohol played a contributing factor to the car accident. Research demonstrates that drunk or impaired drivers cause more than sixty percent of the studied deadly wrong-way crashes. The study’s data revealed that most of the drunk driving car accidents happen at night, and sadly result in approximately ten thousand wrongful deaths annually.

The NTSB issued their recommendation in hopes of convincing the 33 state legislatures that currently do not require such interlocks to pass what they consider to be slightly intrusive but needed life-saving legislation. Other NTSB recommendations to try to stop wrong way driving include improving and adding additional signage in and around entrance ramps and intersections. The NTSB is also requesting vehicle manufacturers include alerts in GPS vehicle navigation devices which inform drivers when they enter a road in the wrong direction.

For more than 25 years, Miami car accident lawyer Joseph Lipsky has helped dozens of families who’ve suffered the wrongful death of a loved one at the hands of a drunk or impaired driver. Through his experience and dedication, Mr. Lipsky has helped those families recover tens of millions of dollars of compensation for the pain and suffering they endure. We help all victims of drunk driving car accidents on a contingent fee basis. This means, anyone can hire our office, and have access to our years of experience and success, with no out-of-pocket cost or expense, as we only get pain if we recover money damages for our clients.

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