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Having helped injured accident victims across Florida for over 25 years, Florida car accident lawyer Joseph Lipsky knows that hit and run car accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence in tourist areas such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach. Hit and run accidents refer to a car crash in which one of the drivers leaves the scene of the crash before the police arrive. When someone is injured in such a crash, a driver who leaves the crash scene before the police arrives may be subjected to criminal prosecution once identified. In Florida, a person who leaves the scene of a car accident in which someone dies, may face up to thirty years in prison.

Sadly, despite the frequency of hit and run car accidents, their occurrence doesn’t make getting fair compensation for an injured victim any easier. In fact, getting the victim of a hit and run car accident the true compensation they deserve after a hit and run car accident is often nearly impossible, particularly if the injured victims does not have uninsured motorist insurance coverage with their own insurance company. Uninsured motorist coverage allows an injured victim’s insurance company to essentially pretend that they insure the hit and run driver. This gives the injured victim a source of recovery for their damages. It is the complexities of Florida hit and run car accidents which is why injured accident victims need to arrange for an aggressive Florida car accident attorney to be on their your side as soon as possible after a Florida hit and run car accident.

Hit and Run Victims

When a Florida hit and run car accident involves another vehicle, property damages may be covered by a victim’s own insurance carrier. However, having comprehensive coverage is far from a guarantee of fair compensation. Only with the help of a Florida hit and run car accident injury attorney can a victim be sure they are treated fairly and get the full financial compensation to which they are entitled. Government reports indicate that more than ten percent of all car accidents involve a hit and run. Further, statistics indicate the rate of hit and run accidents is rising at more than fifteen percent annually.

Tragically, a number of hit and run accident involve bicyclists and pedestrians, which can seriously complicate the compensation process. Miami auto injury attorney Joseph Lipsky has decades of experience representing victims of hit and run accidents and knows how to build these cases for optimal results. No matter what mode of transportation you were using when you sustained your injury, Joseph Lipsky is prepared to take your case and fight for your rights, helping you secure the total compensation you deserve.

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