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Unfortunately, insurance companies don't always live up to the commitments they make to their policy holders. Occasionally, certain insurance companies, even after being paid their full premiums, refuse to pay claims they rightfully should. When insurance companies take their own interests over those of their policyholders, we at the Law Offices of Joseph I. Lipsky, with over 23 years of experience in handling such so-called breach of insurance policy matters, can help.

When your insurance company refuses to pay your rightful claim, you are entitled to file a breach of contact claim against them. In many cases, when you are successful in a case against your insurance company, in addition to being responsible for paying your full claim, they may also be responsible for repaying some or all of your attorney’s fees.

Examples of such breach of insurance contract claims include an insurance company failing to pay for:

  • a stolen boat
  • a stolen or damaged car
  • store inventory damaged by fire or water
  • diminution of value of damaged cars or boats
  • car accident related medical bills
  • insurance coverage you requested

Having represented insurance policy holders for more than 23 years, we have the litigation experience to fully investigate all of the issues involved in your claim, and prosecute your case through trial, if necessary. We use the latest technology and resources available to assist those wronged by their insurance company, in gathering favorable evidence and testimony. Our extensive experience in handling wrongfully denied insurance claims may provide assistance in getting an insurance company to live up to their commitment.

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