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It is estimated that distraction plays a role in over 80 percent of all car accidents. While not always the sole factor, distraction certainly is a primary factor – and when it plays a role in car accidents, serious and fatal injury often follow. Sadly, every moment, nearly 700,000 drivers are using cell phones to talk, text or look up something while driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, last year there were over three thousand wrongful deaths and nearly a half million personal injuries caused in car and truck accidents in which a motorist was acting as a distracted driver. In fact, the NHTSA attributes approximately 10% of deadly car accidents and nearly 20% of all crashes resulting in personal injuries to have involved a distracted driver. The numbers, which represent ruined lives, demonstrate that distracted driving is a serious issue which is only going to increase with the “advances” in vehicle technology.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that cellphone use is the leading cause of distraction. This has prompted a number of states, including Florida, to place some restrictions on texting while driving. Unfortunately, while texting is undoubtedly dangerous when operating a vehicle, studies have shown all cellphone use – even hands free – is entirely unsafe while driving. When you or someone you love is injured by a driver distracted by his or her cellphone, you deserve compensation well beyond the paltry offerings of insurance companies.

Car accidents caused by distracted drivers are becoming all too frequent along Florida’s roads particularly in Broward, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties. Distraction comes in many forms and while cellphone use tops the list, it is far from the only cause of distracted driving car accidents. Forms of distraction that can lead to car accidents include:

The most common forms of distracted driving include:

  • talking on a phone
  • adjusting the radio
  • rubbernecking
  • texting
  • reading an email
  • eating while driving

The danger posed by distracted drivers is well documented in a number of studies. Some of the more concerning statistics involving distracted driving including:

  • a three-fold increase in collisions caused by drivers using a cell phone
  • a twenty-fold increase in truck collisions when a commercial driver is texting

Though the media has recently brought the dangers of distracted driving to the public’s conscience, it has constituted a danger to motorist for years, with such behavior as a driving putting on make-up.

Because of the speed vehicles are traveling when a driver is distracted, the damage they cause are usually greater than those accidents in which a motorist is taking evasive action to avoid a collision. Many of the injuries from distracted driving accidents include:

  • broken bones
  • traumatic brain injuries
  • neurological injuries
  • paralysis
  • wrongful death

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