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Rollover car accidents are not the most common, but they are among the most deadly, even when they only involve a single vehicle. In fact, a large majority of rollover accidents in Fort Lauderdale and Miami are single-vehicle accidents. Nationally, 95 percent of single-vehicle rollover accidents result in at least one fatality. This is due to occupants either being thrown from the vehicle or crushed. Injuries of rollover accident survivors are often severe.

Fort Lauderdale and Miami rollover accident attorney Joseph Lipsky has over 25 years of experience helping seriously injured victims of rollover car accident injuries get the compensation they deserve. No matter if a rollover accident involved several vehicles or just one, Attorney Lipsky will investigate its cause, establish liability, and help those injured in the crash get the financial compensation they deserve. It is our dedication to our clients which has allowed us to recover tens of millions of dollars for their injuries and damages, including medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Defective by Design

Many rollover accidents occur not because of the impact itself, but because of a defect in the motor vehicle itself. It wasn’t until a few years ago that Electronic Stability Control (ESC) became standard in top-heavy SUVs and larger trucks, meaning many of the earlier models, which are still on the road, have a greater risk of having a rollover accidents, even when something as simple as momentarily drifting onto a dirt shoulder occurs. While many later model SUVs and trucks have ESC, it is foolish to believe that this system alone can protect against rollovers. Top-heavy vehicles are, by their very design, more prone to rollover. When a vehicle manufacturer fails to install safety measures to adequately protect a vehicle’s occupants, rollover accidents are often fatal.

Force of Impact

Many rollover crashes happen at intersections due to a driver running a red light. In these instances, the speed at which the red light running driver strikes another vehicle, may easily result in that other vehicle rolling over. The force delivered by a speeding vehicle, when applied to the side of another vehicle, in what is generally referred to as a T-bone impact, can cause any car or truck to roll over. As the occupants of the struck vehicle are subjected to multiple trauma, first from the impact of being struck and then during the rollover, seriously personal injuries are likely to result.

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