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Having helped hundreds of seriously injured victims of distracted driving car accidents recover millions of dollars in compensation over past 25 years, Florida car accident lawyer Joseph Lipsky constantly reminds all drivers that it is against the law to text on a handheld device while driving in Florida. Outside of that regulation, cellphone use while driving is perfectly legal in our state. Although Florida has not taken any meaningful action to decrease cellphone use while driving, many individuals have taken it upon themselves to use hands-free devices in an effort to reduce distraction. Unfortunately while well intentioned, the switch to so-called blue tooth hands free car telephone use does not actually reduce the risk of car accidents.

The Dangers of Hands-Free Devices

Florida distracted driving car accident lawyer Joseph Lipsky is aware that many motor vehicle manufacturers are adding hands-free blue tooth technology to their vehicles so as to improve ease of use and meet the growing demand for these advancements. Because hands free technology often comes pre-installed, the perception is that these devices are safe to use while driving – a perception often reinforced by state laws that continue to allows vehicle operators the ability, without fear of criminal violation, to use of hands-free electronic use while driving.

However, many vehicles allow hands-free technology to control other devices in motor vehicles which is actually prone to confusing voice commands, a factor that can increase the risks of distracted driving. In fact, many studies have found that distraction is greater when hands-free devices are used, and that the technology actually significantly increasing the risk of serious and fatal accidents.

As Florida distracted driving car accident lawyer Joseph Lipsky knows, and has proven many times in court, it is important to remember that a driver needn’t be breaking the law to cause a car accident, nor be guilty of a crime to be liable for negligence. When a distracted driver’s inattentiveness causes an injury, the injured accident victim has every right to hold them accountable and seek compensation for damages such as lost wages, medical expense, mental anguish and personal pain and suffering. Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney Joseph Lipsky is here to take your case and fight for your rights, and to help you get the full compensation you deserve. As our office helps all seriously injured Florida car accident victims on a contingent fee basis, anyone, regardless of their own financial condition can hire our office and have access to our over 25 years of car accident trial experience. Remember, we only get paid if we collect money for you.

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