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More than 41,000 people call the City of Oakland Park, Florida home, and it is not hard to understand why. Oakland Park has beautiful homes, landscaping, and great stores and other amenities. The city is becoming more and more pedestrian, which helps both the environment and residents with their daily exercise.

Despite all of the benefits of visiting or living in Oakland Park, there are also risks of injuries, which often occur in traffic-related accidents there. With the Dixie Highway and Florida East Coast Railway running straight through downtown, there are many risks to motorists and pedestrians alike around Oakland Park, which unfortunately result in numerous car accidents.

If you have been injured in an car accident in the Oakland Park, Florida area, the Law Offices of Joseph I. Lipsky, P.A. are here to assist you. We regularly help seriously injured victims of car accidents throughout Broward County, so please call for a free consultation about your personal injury legal rights today.

Recovering After a Florida Car Accident

First and foremost, you primary concern after an Oakland Park car accident is to ensure that any injuries are diagnosed and stabilized and that you begin the proper course of treatment for your physical recovery. Anyone who remotely suspects that he or she has sustained any type of injury should seek medical attention as soon as possible, whether by ambulance or by heading to the emergency department or urgent care after leaving the accident scene. Seeking prompt medical attention will not only minimize complications and, hopefully, recovery time, but can also ensure that a victim will have necessary records of his or her injuries when seeking financial recovery.

The main method of seeking financial recovery following a crash in Florida is through your own personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. Your PIP insurer will require proof of all of your injuries and should cover your medical costs and lost wages, though this is not always the case. Unfortunately, many insurance companies deny part or all of a claim for a variety of reasons or your insurance policy coverage limit may be inadequate to recover all of your losses. An experienced Florida car accident attorney can assist you through the insurance process to ensure that you receive the payment you deserve whenever possible.

If it is impossible to obtain proper compensation from your insurer, you may be able to hold another party liable for your losses, and our injury lawyers can identify whether this is an option in your situation. Parties may be held liable if they acted negligently, including doing the following:

  • Distracted driving;
  • Drunk driving;
  • Falling asleep at the wheel;
  • Aggressive driving;
  • Traffic law violations;
  • Commercial driving violations.
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At the Law Offices of Joseph I. Lipsky, P.A., we will evaluate your case and identify all possible options for you to recover financially after a crash. We can handle both insurance claims and personal injury claims in court for collision victims, when needed. If you would like to further discuss how our Oakland Park car accident attorneys can help you, please call our office at 954-693-0073 or contact us online for your free no obligation personal injury consultation.

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