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Miami is one of the most populous cities in the entire United States, and it continues to grow due to its many attractive features. Known as “The Magic City,” Miami not only offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, but it also is a center for entertainment, culture, real estate, finance, and international business. The city has more than 300 high-rise buildings that house a great number of international banks and companies. Miami encompasses a number of local areas including Brickell, Key Biscayne and Liberty City. The City of Miami is also home to the three time NBA champion Miami Heat and the two time World Series winning Marlins.

Tourists not only come to Miami for the clubs, entertainment, and beaches, but also to set out on other adventures as the Port of Miami is often called the cruise capital of the world. Despite the large population of residents and tourists, it has also been deemed a leader in conservation efforts and is deemed one of the cleanest cities in America. Overall, Miami is a great place to live, work, and/or visit.

However, like any other busy city, Miami is prone to traffic and, unfortunately, car accidents due to its highly traffic surface roads and the number of highways which crisscross throughout the city, including I-95, 826 (the Palmetto), 836 (the Dolphin), I-395 (gateway to South Beach). A number of crashes are reported on the Miami government website on a daily basis, many of which result in serious injuries or even death. If you have been injured in a crash, it is critical that you contact a Miami car accident attorney as soon as possible. The Law Offices of Joseph I. Lipsky, P.A. provides free consultations, so please call today to discuss your rights.

A Car Accident Law Firm can Help You in Many Ways

Even though you may be overwhelmed by your physical recovery following a car accident, there are many reasons why it is important to take the time to consult with a car accident lawyer. Our legal team can assist you in the following ways:

  • Advise you of your legal rights to compensation after your accident;
  • Determine the value of your losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, and more;
  • Handle the claim process with your PIP insurance to try to obtain an adequate payout;
  • Review and negotiate any settlement offers;
  • Identify when you have the legal right to pursue compensation in court;
  • File a personal injury claim for you and guide you through every step of the complex litigation process;
  • Gather evidence of liability in your accident and use it in settlement negotiations or at trial if necessary.

Our attorneys will not stop working for you until we are certain you have received the maximum amount possible for your crash-related losses. We take as much stress out of the legal process as possible so you can focus on recovering from your injuries and returning back to your regular life.

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Anyone who has been injured in a car crash knows how traumatic the experience can be. At the Law Offices of Joseph I. Lipsky, P.A., we have seen firsthand how crashes affect people in Miami and we are committed to standing up for the rights of injured victims. If you would like more information about how we can help you, please call a car accident attorney at 305-821-7333 today.

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