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Boca Raton is known for its palm-lined beaches, Spanish Colonial Revival architectural design, its world class cancer treatment medical facilities, Florida Atlantic University, restaurants, and many tourist attractions. Unfortunately, car accidents happen regularly regardless of a city’s affluence and beauty.

Despite City Efforts, Traffic Collisions Increase

With every year, there is a rising risk of being involved in a serious car accident in Boca Raton. This is in spite of Boca Raton’s efforts to implement traffic calming infrastructure, the first of which was designed back in 1996. While these measures certainly have a positive impact on traffic safety, more needs to be done to combat this growing problem. For one, Boca Raton’s population has steadily increased by approximately 1,000 residents per year, according to Town Charts. While some of the blame can be attributed to more people and over congested roads, high speed limits, and poorly designed infrastructure including a lack of viable public transportation, every driver must take responsibility for his or her driving behavior. No matter how bad traffic might have been, there is always someone responsible for causing that wreck when it does happen. As such, you were likely injured by a party or multiple parties who should be held financially accountable for your damages.

Boca Raton Drivers Have a Duty to Act with Care

The duty to act with care is placed on the shoulders of every Boca Raton driver, no matter their age, driving experience, or background. This duty means that they must drive in a manner that is reasonably cautious and safe, and that the driver must pay reasonable attention to the other vehicles and pedestrians around them. Examples of drivers who violated their duty of care to others include:

  • A driver who, while looking down at a phone, drifts into another lane and causes a side-impact collision with an adjacent car;
  • A driver who speeds through a yellow light that turns red and T-bones an oncoming left-turning car; and
  • A driver who is tailgating and rear-ends another driver who quickly stopped because another vehicle pulled out in front of them (in this case multiple parties could be held responsible for violating the duty of care).

In all of the above scenarios, the at-fault party was not necessarily driving recklessly or extremely aggressively. These are acts that most drivers end up doing on many of their commutes, however careless and irresponsible they may be. However, when a driver does one of these actions and causes harm to another, he or she will be deemed negligent and held liable for damages to any victims, including you.

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